EPA Air Quality Grant—Apply with Temboo!

Recently the EPA has announced a new grant to fund air quality data gathering in communities around the US. The $20M in funds will be distributed to 50-70 communities in amounts ranging from $25,000 to $500,000 for projects related to monitoring particulate matter and local air quality.

You can learn more about the grants here—the application deadline is March 25, 2022. Eligible grantees include state and local government entities, including school districts, and non-profit community-based organizations.

This animated gif shows what air quality looks like on Temboo’s dashboards and how community members can annotate it with notes and photos.

At Temboo we’re already working with a number of nonprofits and local government organizations to give them the tools to collect environmental pollutant data with sensors—including air quality data as in our work with the Bronx River Alliance. We also can help communities set up their own local versions of our Daily Breather email service—it provides community members with daily air quality readings and relevant local information derived from nearby air quality sensors set up with Temboo.

Temboo’s The Daily Breather email service can send out daily, color-coded air quality updates to the local community using live data from nearby sensors.

If you work for a government organization or a nonprofit serving your community, we strongly encourage you to check out the details for the grant and consider applying. If you’re looking for help with finding the right sensors, collecting environmental sensor data automatically, and making all that information easily accessible & shareable, then get in touch with us to see about partnering together on an application.

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