Breathe Easier With Temboo’s Air Quality Monitoring Dashboard

“A breath of fresh air” isn’t just a saying—it’s a telling point about the importance of air quality. Clean air helps us feel our best, think more sharply, and lead healthier lives. 

Access to accurate, timely air quality data is key to understanding our environment. But getting your hands on that information isn’t as easy as it should be. You may be unsure which source to get data from. Even when you’ve found a suitable source of data, it might not be displayed in a useful manner. And it’s often necessary to combine several sources to keep an eye on all the locations you’re interested in. 

Getting your hands on useful air quality data and seeing it in one place should be simple. When understanding air quality data is simplified, it’s easier to stay safe and healthy—and to help your friends, family, and community do the same.

Air Quality At Your Fingertips

Today, we’re excited to announce support for public air quality data in Temboo, making it simple to start monitoring the air almost anywhere in the world. You can access thousands of official air quality data sources directly from your Temboo account. It only takes a few seconds! 

Temboo already supports a range of physical air quality sensors, allowing you to compare the data you’re collecting with trusted sources. This provides you with important insights into your environment.

Let’s take a look at how it works. 

Monitor Places You Care About 

It’s easy to start learning about air quality using Temboo. Simply begin typing your zip code, city name, or address into the box. Temboo will automatically find a data source for that area, allowing you to quickly monitor the places you care about most.

Our data comes from trusted sources, including the EPA (in the U.S.) and the EEA (in Europe). Having high quality data is vital: it allows for an accurate understanding of air quality, and it lets you compare your own sensor data to data known to be trustworthy.

Map It!

Learning about your air should be a breeze, which is why we added an Air Quality Index (AQI) widget.

The widget sits on Temboo’s map and converts data from around the world into standard EPA AQI units. This provides an easy-to-read summary across geographies. After all, air is everywhere, so air quality should be understandable anywhere.

Dig Into The Details 

While the AQI widget provides a quick summary, Temboo’s graphs provide an even clearer picture.

Graphs are broken out by the parameter being measured, allowing you to evaluate individual elements of the air around you. Alternately, you can look at the AQI graph to get a sense of the overall air quality, since AQI is determined by the highest value across all parameters. 

Temboo displays data for all available sensors in your location, although not every location has all six sensor types. These six sensors measure the EPA’s six criteria pollutants: CO2, NO2, O3, SO2, PM2.5, and PM10. Those terms might be unfamiliar, but, with a little explanation from our air quality explainer, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Data Demystified 

When looking at air quality data you might have a lot of questions:

Is a high AQI value good or bad?

What does PM2.5 measure?

What’s the healthy range for Ozone readings?

What effects will PM10 have on my health?

And, most importantly, what can I do with this information?

These questions can seem complex, but our explainer feature provides helpful, straightforward answers. The explainer includes definitions, information on healthy ranges and exposure effects, and actions you can take to improve the air around you.

The explainer feature was designed to help people affect change by providing them vital information about air quality in a way that’s engaging, informative, and enjoyable.

Brett Silvers, Design Lead at Temboo

Try Monitoring Air Quality For Free Today!

With Temboo’s new public air quality feature, it’s easy to understand the environment in your hometown—or on the other side of the world. We believe that’s critical, because it makes it easier to stay safe, keep informed, and affect change. 

Simply sign up on for a free trial and you’ll be able to start monitoring, understanding, and taking action to improve the air around you.

If you—or your friends, family, or community—want to understand or improve air quality near you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. When people are empowered by data, they can take meaningful action to stay healthy and improve their environment. That should help us all breathe a little easier.

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