IoT World Image featuring Trisala Chandaria, CEO of Temboo

Calling on the IoT Community to Vote for Temboo’s CEO for The Internet of Things World 2019 ‘CxO of the Year’ Award

Temboo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Trisala Chandaria, has been shortlisted for The Internet of Things World 2019 ‘CxO of the Year’ Award and we need your help to vote for her.

As a supporter and member of the Temboo community, we’re sure you’re already aware of the odds stacked against women in tech. Visibility and representation are extremely important factors in solving these problems.

Temboo’s CEO, Trisala Chandaria, is just the type of female leader we need to show future generations of women that they too can be successful in IoT, AI, or any other tech fields.

Trisala is one of the very few women who have started a company in the IoT space, and has become a mentor and role model for me personally during my time at Temboo. Not only is Trisala a thought leader in the IoT and AI space but she is also a kind, generous, and empathetic person in general. 

As a board member of the Freelancer’s Union, she is passionate about envisioning the future of work and strongly believes in using innovation to make technology more accessible, which she has done through Temboo. She has lead her company with focus, expertise, and the drive to make the world a better place. 

That’s why I’m personally asking for you to donate less than two minutes of your time to cast your vote for Trisala here.

Think about all the different types of people all over the world who are using Temboo today:

  • Universities and educational institutions use Temboo for research, projects, and coursework.
  • Companies and organizations in all types of industries use our software for things like octopus farming, predictive maintenance, wastewater treatment, and more.
  • Government organizations and cities use Temboo for data collection, smart city initaitives, and infrastructure management.
  • Entrepreneurs and businesses are building new smart products or adding IoT capabilities to their merchandise using Temboo.

The Temboo community IS the IoT community and the future of that community lies in making this space inclusive for everyone.

Trisala is up for this award against powerful players at companies like Amazon Web Services, Schneider Electric, and PTC. Her winning would be a public acknowledgement of the value that Temboo has created for the IoT community and the world and show that diversity and inclusion is a priority for keeping this community alive.

But don’t just take it from me.

Sarah McMillian from our Product Outreach team recently shared her experience of interviewing at Temboo in a guest post on TechCrunch:

…Temboo, a NYC-based industrial IoT startup, intrigued me:

A tech company led by a female woman of color
An engineering team with an equal number of women and men
A product focused on accessibility and the democratization of programming
A diverse team of employees from different cultural backgrounds
And, most surprisingly, when I arrived for my first interview, I was greeted with a giant hug. This is New York. Random hugs don’t just happen.

When you place your vote right now, you can take comfort in the fact that you’ve spent a very small amount of time to help us strengthen our community and potentially make the future of women entrepreneurship a little bit brighter.

Thank you for standing with Temboo and the IoT community!

Jessica Califano
Product Outreach at Temboo