Video still of Temboo in front of a map

Urban Noise Pollution Monitoring

Is your neighborhood noisy? In this week’s Deconstructing IoT, we’re taking a look at noise pollution in cities and what the Internet of Things can do about it. Noise pollution is just the sort of problem that smart city networks, like those being created in Chicago, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, are designed to help solve—sensor data gathered at a city-wide scale can help urban planners to understand how public spaces are being used and to make informed decisions about how to improve them. We’ve built a simple noise sensor using an Arduino Yún and an accompanying web app using our Yelp, Amazon, and Google Geocoding Choreos to do the job. Once the sensors are distributed throughout a city, you can click on a map in the app to get the noise level reading from the nearest sensor, and also see how noise compares to the number of restaurants and bars in the area.