The Upside: A Few Positive Stories About The Environment

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about the environment and all the effects that climate change is having on the world. While it’s crucial to stay up to date on the latest news about the environment, it can sometimes lead to issues like climate activism burnout, eco-anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness or helplessness.

Luckily, not all hope is lost, and there are still positive environmental efforts that are occuring that can make the world a better place. The Upside is our roundup of some of the good news that’s happening in the world, highlighting the ways that communities, scientists, governments, and individuals are making a difference.

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Forest the size of France regrown worldwide over 20 years, study finds
Nearly 59m hectares of forests have regrown since 2000, showing that regeneration in some places is paying off.

Teens win right to be considered in Australian climate change decisions
A federal court ruled the Australian government has a duty of care for young people when making decisions involving climate change.

Border Collies Run Like the Wind to Bring New Life to Chilean Forest
Border collies Das, Summer, and Olivia were outfitted with special backpacks brimming with seeds. Then they were sent on a mission, let loose to race through the ruined forests.

‘Mr. Trash Wheel’ Gobbles Up 15 Tons of Trash Every Day From Harbors—
And More Cities Are Adopting

There has been a great renaissance in garbage collection technology in the past 10 years and Mr. Trash Wheel is one of the pioneers, collecting over 3 million pounds of trash in Baltimore, Maryland.

A Young Naturalist Inspires With Joy, Not Doom
At 17, Dara McAnulty is becoming one of Britain’s most acclaimed nature writers, with work that touches on his autism as much as the world around his home.

Giant pandas are no longer endangered, thanks to conservation efforts, China says
Giant pandas are no longer endangered, Chinese officials have said, after decades of work to save the creatures helped drive their population in the wild up to 1,800.

Seafloor microbes hoover up methane, keeping global warming in check
A new study found that carbonate rock mounds on the ocean floor host communities of microbes that actively consume methane, a greenhouse gas that is particularly potent if released into the atmosphere.

Backyard moth spotting rises during lockdown
Lockdown sparked a surge in interest in moths, with a rise in rare species spotted last year.

Danish Invention to Make Computer Servers Worldwide More Climate Friendly
An elegant new algorithm developed by Danish researchers can significantly reduce the resource consumption of the world’s computer servers.

Bringing Back Trees To ‘Forest City’s’ Redlined Areas Helps Residents And The Climate
Some cities are now moving to expand their urban forestry, in part to shield against the worst effects of climate change. Those efforts also are aimed at attacking long-standing economic and racial inequity. Researchers have found that low-income neighborhoods generally have fewer trees than wealthier ones.

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