Two Temboo-Supported Air Quality Initiatives Receive EPA Funding

Two Temboo-Supported Air Quality Initiatives Receive EPA Funding

Earlier in November the EPA announced the winning projects for its community air quality monitoring grants, and the two applications Temboo supported both received funding. In all 132 projects across 37 states were awarded over $50M to support better local air quality monitoring in communities suffering from environmental and health disparities.

With funding provided by the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act, the EPA is investing in improving the air and better understanding pollution with more accurate and more local data.

Temboo plans to provide its no-code environmental engagement platform to the partner communities and organizations that have received funding. This will enable them to see historical and current local air quality readings and share that information more widely and collaboratively. Temboo will also enable these groups to launch their own versions of The Daily Breather, a daily email service that provides hyperlocal air quality updates utilizing community-managed air quality sensors.

The two projects Temboo is involved in will involve collecting air quality data in communities in Illinois, Michigan, and New Jersey and are expected to run for 3 years. Information about EPA Air Quality grants, including past awards and upcoming ones, is regularly updated on their website.

Is your community or organization interested in knowing more about local air quality or other environmental metrics? Are you planning to apply for government or private environmental grants in the future? Do you need a technology partner that can collect and share environmental data with your stakeholders?

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