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Temboo & NYSSPE Partner to Upskill Engineers with IoT

To help those around the world stand taller with hard technologies, Temboo is offering professional engineers training on the Internet of Things and connected sensor systems in partnership with the New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) on October 27, 2017 at their Fall Professional Development Conference in Syracuse, New York.

Temboo’s toolset and expertise will enable engineers in a variety of disciplines to accomplish goals like increasing safety, reducing waste (material or time), and optimizing the efficiency of their operations with IoT systems.

“As software becomes an increasingly important and pervasive part of all types of physical systems, businesses must focus on providing upskilling opportunities to their workforces in order to capitalize on innovative technologies. In this way companies also provide their workforces with viable career pathways. It’s a win-win situation.”

-Matt Plaks, Head of Upskilling, Temboo

Temboo’s digital toolset empowers business and individuals alike to use and innovate with data and technologies, giving people (even those outside of IT) new skills and cultivating a workforce that thinks digitally.

As one part of our Upskilling initiative, Temboo has developed a course titled “Upgrading Existing Equipment and Physical Assets with Connected Sensors” that has been certified by the New York Department of Education to fulfill Professional Development Hours requirements for engineers licensed in the state. Temboo Field Application Engineer Nabeel Khan will be teaching the course in person at NYSSPE’s Fall Professional Development Conference, and Temboo is working with NYSSPE on many more opportunities to educate and upskill its membership of thousands of engineers in the latest IoT and connected sensor technologies.

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About Temboo
Temboo, a leading software development platform for the Internet of Things, enables easier access to hard technologies like the Internet of Things, APIs, and Machine Learning. Working closely with major semiconductor companies (TI, Samsung, Arduino), Temboo machine-generates application code, making possible the development and deployment of robust IoT systems. Their toolset empowers more people outside of traditional IT roles to use and innovate with data and technologies.

The New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) represents the interests of professional engineers, totaling more than 25,000 licensees in New York State, practicing in all disciplines (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, geotechnical, environmental, etc) and practicing in all practice settings (private sector consulting, industry, government, and education).