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Temboo Forecast: The Cloud To Redefine How We Code

Press Release
OSCON, Portland, OR
July 16, 2012

New York-based startup Temboo knows where the cloud is heading next, and they’re ready for it. The company sees coding and software development itself as the next frontier in the cloud’s path of disruptive transformation, and they’re paving the way for developers to make the most of it.
Today marks Temboo’s latest release, their next step towards realizing a vision of modular, component-based application development. Temboo is fast expanding a Library of ready-to-run, pre-built programming processes that live in the cloud. Called Choreos, these processes are deployed simply by dropping a short code snippet in one’s developer environment. This saves developers the time and effort of natively coding standard processes. Instead, developers can focus on the big picture, using Temboo’s Choreos to take care of credentials management, API calls, and other common tasks. Not only does this simplify things, but Temboo’s tools are uniquely flexible and transparent. They’re also reliable; the Temboo team has set up smart systems to regularly monitor Choreos to catch any problems, such as unexpected API changes, and has designed an intelligently elastic backend primed for scalability.
In recent years the cloud has brought huge changes in server infrastructure, application deployment, and media consumption, and coding is next. “We believe the cloud will enhance and revolutionize what creators can do with coding,” says Temboo co-founder Trisala Chandaria. She sees Temboo enabling next generation applications in areas like health, education, green tech, and the internet of things. “The end goal is to make coding as painless and frictionless as possible.”

With today’s release, Temboo now has over 1000 Choreos ready for developers to use via Temboo’s REST API, its website, and SDKs in Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby. The present collection of Choreos handles actions with nearly 100 APIs, all carefully categorized for ease of use, and in the coming months Temboo will be designing other Choreos for generic processes commonly used by developers. The company has plans for reaching 5000 Choreos and adding support for Node.js, JavaScript, Objective-C, and C#. Already running millions of Choreos each week for first-time and experienced developers as well as for organizations ranging from non-profit to retail (and including a Fortune 100 company), Temboo won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Temboo, a New York-based startup, empowers developers to code with the cloud. Temboo finds common sources of friction in software development and addresses them by building Choreos, sophisticated ready-to-use processes that live in the cloud and are ready to be deployed right into your code. For more information, visit, sign up for a free account & test run Choreos from our Library ( while perusing our helpful documentation, or write to us at