Temboo & Arduino Join Forces

Temboo is thrilled to announce our partnership with Arduino. Revealed at Maker Faire on May 18, the Arduino Yún is a new Wifi-enabled hardware board that combines Arduino architecture with Linux and connects to the open data of the web with Temboo. The Yún will make it easier to interface with complex web services, and Temboo will provide normalized access to 100+ APIs through its signature Choreo Library, which contains over 1500 ready-to-run cloud-based code components that handle common data tasks and are accessible via any programming language.

Arduino’s boards provide an accessible and affordable way for makers to experiment with digital electronics and prototype creative ideas for hardware. Temboo’s SDKs give developers a platform that enables them to connect to data and interact with multiple web services easily without having to climb the steep learning curves for each service. Together Temboo and Arduino open up a world of possibilities spanning the physical and the digital, bridging hardware and software.

The Arduino Yún will be available at the end of this June. More details about the partnership will be released in the coming weeks. Read Arduino’s announcement of the Yún on their blog.

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