What’s nature telling us?

That’s the question we set out to answer each month with our Spotlight series, featuring one of our partners and what they’re learning via Temboo.

This month, we’re taking a closer look at our work with Newtown Creek Alliance! Here’s some key insights:

  • What: Soil moisture monitoring on their green roof
  • Where: Kingsland Wildflowers, Brooklyn, New York
  • Who: Newtown Creek Alliance & Temboo
  • How: Soil moisture sensors

In older cities like New York, rain storms can cause real problems on the ground. When rainfall from storm events exceeds the capacity of the aging sewer system, the combined stormwater and sewage can flow untreated into city waterways (and even onto the streets, ew!).

Green infrastructure, like the green roof at Kingsland Wildflowers, aims to capture rainfall before it hits the streets, thereby mitigating combined sewer overflows (CSOs). Let’s see what happened last month…

What have we learned?

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