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Something for Everyone: The Tumblr API

Today, we decided to write a blog post about blogging. Specifically, we wanted to take a look at the Tumblr API, a multifunctional social media API in our Library that (quite literally) tends to fade into the background in posts like this. Tumblr’s API presents a wealth of opportunities for creative integration of text, images, videos, links, quotes, audio, and chat into applications, and our Choreos support all that functionality and more.Icons

To cover the breadth of what the Tumblr API can let you do, our API team built thirty-four Choreos and organized them into five bundles. Most processes having to do with the actual blog content are part of our Posts bundle, which covers creating, editing, deleting, retrieving, liking, and unliking posts. We’ve also got a Blog bundle for retrieving high-level information, such as title or follower count; a Tagged bundle for searching for posts by subject matter; and a User bundle for following, unfollowing, and accessing information about a particular user. Of course, there’s also an OAuth bundle to simplify the process of acquiring access tokens for those who will be using the apps you build.

Inspired? Give it a try—Tumblr makes it easy to post, share, and discover all sorts of interesting online media, and with their API and our Choreos, it’s just as easy to integrate everything that Tumblr enables you to do into the apps that you build.