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SDC 2016: Our Smart Trash Can is on the Road Again

Samsung shared their compelling vision for the connected future at last week’s 2016 Samsung Developer Conference, and we are proud to be a part of the conversation. It has been nearly a year since we first announced our collaboration with Samsung on the launch of their ARTIK platform. Every ARTIK board comes preloaded with the Temboo library, so building applications for the Internet of Things is simpler than ever before. Happy anniversary, Samsung!

In an SDC session on maximizing the power of ARTIK with development tools, Samsung Tech Evangelist Wei Xiao demonstrated how she created a network of smart trash cans with ARTIK and Temboo. She chose the MQTT protocol to add machine-to-machine (M2M) messaging functionality to our smart trash can IoT app. With their built in M2M capabilities, ARTIK and Temboo work hand in hand to enable developers to get up and running with complex networked applications in no time. We featured Xiao’s networked smart trash can tutorial in a previous post.

Samsung IoT General Manager Curtis Sasaki delivering his section of the SDC 2016 Opening Keynote

SDC 2016 isn’t the only conference our smart trash can attended this year. Samsung brought it along for the ride to both the Consumer Electronics Show and the Mobile World Congress. If you love the smart trash can as much as Samsung does, we’ll show you how to build your very own–or one of our other IoT apps (it’s easy!).

To get started developing your own applications with Temboo and Samsung ARTIK, take a look at our Samsung ARTIK tutorials.