Qualcomm is Adding Temboo to Its IoT Ecosystem

Today, Qualcomm announced that it will be adding Temboo’s software stack for Internet of Things applications to its QCA4002 Wi-Fi chip and development platform, a low-power solution for developers building cloud-connected devices. Thanks to the integration, developers working with Qualcomm Wi-Fi chips will be able to use the full range of Temboo’s cloud programming tools to generate and run code for powerful IoT devices. Joseph Bousaba, senior director, project management at Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., said:

We keenly understand the importance of diverse ecosystem solutions for cloud-based services in the expanding IoE businesses and segments. By integrating these key providers’ software directly into our connectivity solutions, we’re enabling customers to quickly deploy solutions with the most suitable cloud provider for their industry segment.

You can read more in Qualcomm’s announcement.