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New Choreos for the New Amazon Cloud Drive API

You may have used Amazon Cloud Drive before to store and manage your digital content across the various devices that you use. You may also have heard that Amazon just released a public API for the service (and if you haven’t heard, you can read all about it here). Well, we’re excited to have been a part of that release: we’ve been working behind the scenes with the team at Amazon to get a set of Amazon Cloud Drive Temboo Choreos built, documented, and ready to use right away! They join over 200 other Amazon Choreos already in the Temboo Library, giving you a full suite of powerful Amazon web tools to quickly and easily build into your applications.CloudDrive Choreo libraryNow you can upload files, access content, and more with this excellent new Amazon Cloud Drive API in any of the programming languages that Temboo supports, and, as always, you can use IoT Mode to program your Arduino or Texas Instruments hardware to connect to our Amazon Cloud Drive Choreos. With Amazon Cloud Drive and Temboo, it’s now even easier to collect, store, and transmit data across your network of devices, whether you’re connecting with WiFi, Ethernet, GSM, or Bluetooth Low Energy, and to use those devices to build a smarter Internet of Things.