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Market Day! IBM and Temboo Partner Up

If you’ve been following the proceedings of IBM’s Impact conference, you may have heard them announce the launch of their new Cloud marketplace. Take a look—you’ll find Temboo there. We’re pretty excited to be partnering with IBM to bring our 2000+ Choreos to their new Cloud service, and are looking forward to working with them to make it even easier to build powerful apps, program hardware, and code the Internet of Everything!

The Cloud marketplace is designed to enable developers to create and deliver applications and services quickly and cheaply by bringing a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, and over 100 SaaS apps together in one place; you can pick and choose the services you need, and build out your app from there. It’s more than just a way to haphazardly graft together bits and pieces to create the web version of Frankenstein’s monster, though—the marketplace is aimed at professionals who can get the most out of a stocked toolbox when designing and building their apps. That principle aligns directly with our mission, and we’re glad to be partnering with IBM to put it into practice.