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Temboo’s Head of Product Explains How to Get an ROI from AI IoT Solutions

Cormac Driver, Temboo’s Head of Product, was recently interviewed by Dan Faggella for his AI in Industry Podcast on the topic of getting a return on investment from AI IoT Solutions.

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About the Episode:

It’s curious to see how much more there is of sensor tech and internet of things than there was 18 months ago. This week, we speak with Cormac Driver, PhD and Head of Product Engineering at Temboo, an IoT vendor.

We talk about how to spot AI and IoT opportunity where sensors and equipment in the physical world can actually deliver ROI and drive value for an enterprise. In addition, Cormac discusses how to get the most out of an IoT project and what’s involved in terms of data and infrastructure. Finally, I ask Cormac in what sector IoT will become ubiquitous first.

About AI in Industry: The AI in Industry podcast is hosted by Daniel Faggella, CEO and Founder of TechEmergence, a market research and discovery platform focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Each week Dan interviews executives, investors, and researchers from top companies on the applications and implications of AI in industry. His reason for starting the podcast is also his personal cause – “Uniting the world in determining and moving towards a beneficial trajectory for sentience and intelligence itself.”

About Cormac Driver: Cormac Driver leads the Product Engineering team at Temboo, a software company based in New York City that builds tools that helps all types of engineers build and run internet-connected systems.

Before joining Temboo, he spent time both in academia and in the software industry. His PhD and post-doctoral work focused on designing software development tools that assist with the process of building internet-connected sensor-based applications, and this work has been published internationally.

At Temboo, Cormac spends his time working on the design and implementation of the Temboo software platform, which is used by companies around the world to develop, deploy, and maintain their own internet-connected physical computing systems in factories, storage facilities, farms, research labs, and many other settings.

Want to hear more from Cormac? Make sure to check out his upcoming talk this year’s at Sensors Expo, From “Smart” to “Intelligent”: How Machine Learning is Taking IoT Sensor Data to the Next Level on Tuesday June 25 at 2:00 PM.

If you’re interested in learning more about the machine learning technologies that are included in Temboo’s Kosmos IoT System, go here or contact us at