Control you Arduino Yun by phone with Temboo

Control an Arduino Yún with Your Phone and Temboo

Ever wish you could use your phone to control your Arduino Yún? We’ve just come up with a really cool way to do it without using a smartphone app or even sending a text message. Instead, your Yún calls you and lets you control it just by typing in a number on your keypad.

Check out this video demo to see this in action.

What’s happening here is that whenever the photocell detects a significant change in light, the Arduino Yún calls a Choreo for the Nexmo API, which calls your phone with a voice message. The Nexmo API then posts the numbers entered on the keypad to a callback URL, and the Choreo is able to send this data back to the Yún, which will react to the number dialed. The Temboo platform makes writing the Arduino sketch and setting up the callback URL very easy.

Just imagine all the cool things you could make your Yún do based on this set up. Actually, don’t just imagine–give it a try yourself!  The Arduino section of our website has a new tutorial for this Nexmo Choreo, and we’ve posted all the code to GitHub. If you still have questions or just want some help with your project, get in touch with us anytime at We’d love to help!

Arduino Yún with LEDs and photocell