John Gilbert talking with Temboo

If the heart of a building is its boiler room, where is its brain? John Gilbert, Executive Vice President, COO, and CTO of the Rudin Management Company, will point you to DiBOSS. DiBOSS, which stands for “Digital Building Operating System Solution,” was jointly developed by Rudin, Selex ES, and Columbia’s Center for Computational Learning Systems as the first operating system for smart buildings. Coupled with what Gilbert calls a “central nervous system” of IoT sensors monitoring everything from energy consumption and water usage to air temperature and elevator status, DiBOSS is conserving energy, reducing waste, and saving millions of dollars in Rudin-managed buildings in New York City. In this week’s episode of Deconstructing IoT, we speak with Gilbert about the challenges behind building and implementing a smart building system, why it is important that an IoT system be both intuitive and useful, and what benefits he sees in having a solution like DiBOSS that can learn from and adapt to its environment.