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Build the Industrial Internet of Things

Trash cans that let you know when they’re full, production lines that can be controlled from a mobile app, and buildings that help you calculate how much you’re saving by heating them more efficiently—these are just a few of the powerful new end-to-end IoT Applications that Temboo enables you to build. From picking your hardware to generating your program code, Temboo’s dynamic, step-by-step user interface shows you how to create connected applications that will make your industry smart.

Temboo IoT Applications

Every Temboo IoT Application includes a helpful demo video, a suggested list of materials, and an illustrated series of step-by-step instructions. Once you’ve finished setting up your application on our website, Temboo automatically generates all the application code you need, customized to fit your specifications and ready for production—you can upload it to your hardware right away, or extend and modify it to customize your application even further. Each application can run on several Temboo-integrated chipsets, from industrial SoCs to maker boards; you can select the Samsung ARTIK, Texas Instruments, or Arduino board that you are using, and we’ll continue to add more supported hardware to that list.

Example circuit diagram from our IoT Apps

Take a look at our first IoT Applications, and be sure to check back as more are released!