IoT Aquaponic System

Build an IoT Aquaponics System

Do you have a green thumb (or do you wish that you did)? You may have heard of aquaponic gardening, a way to efficiently grow plants in limited space. Rik Kretzinger, an aquaponics enthusiast with experience in building commercial greenhouses, transformed his yard into a small farm with a complex of aquaponic growing beds that provide a ready source of fresh produce for him and his family. He used Temboo to add an IoT twist to his growing process: an Arduino Yún that Rik wired to his valves lets him remotely monitor factors such as humidity and temperature, and manage watering cycles from his phone. If you’re interested in trying out aquaponic gardening for yourself, you’re in luck—Rik has created a number of resources for budding farmers, including an Instructable to guide you through every step of building and running your own connected growing bed. You can also read about his cool IoT application in Make Magazine.