A new look for Temboo

A new look for Temboo

What exactly do you do?

This is a question we get asked a lot! Or at least, we used to.

When you build a software platform that can talk to virtually any type of sensor, and can produce insights on almost any aspect of the physical world, it gets hard to explain what you do in a single sentence.

Reintroducing Temboo

From sensor hardware and wireless radio protocols, to data analytics, AI, and community-driven environmental storytelling, there’s many ways to talk about what Temboo is.

However, what we’ve found works best is not to talk about what Temboo is or what Temboo does, and instead to focus on what our customers have achieved with Temboo.

If you head on over to our homepage, you’ll see a brand new way of talking about Temboo. Whether it’s the endless gallons of stormwater we’re helping keep off the streets of New York City, or how we’re helping educate whole communities about how to protect themselves in the face of poor air quality, the achievements of our customers speak volumes about what Temboo really is.

We wanted a way to show the wide variety of contexts in which Temboo can be used, highlighting some of our customers who are working with air and water quality, soil moisture, and much more. We used photography elements to convey the relationship between our customers and the real world.

The Temboo Design Team

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is key to engaging communities around environmental issues, and that’s what Temboo helps communities be successful with. Now we’re using their stories to help communicate what Temboo is—a perfect circle.

Are you interested in helping tell the story of the air, water, or soil quality near you? Do you want to engage your community around the climate issues they are facing in a way that is relatable and actionable? Contact us to learn how Temboo can help grow environmental engagement in your community!