EPC IoT Temboo

A lightweight, situational app — fast


A custom Choreo built for the app.

Mixing and matching app functionality, Matthew Flaming created a quickie app to distribute his Portland Code Camp presentation materials in 28 minutes, in less than 50 lines of code, and using TwilioTemboo, and Gmail:

This kind of modular approach is a key tenet of component model software development, and to me it also seems to suggest a new way of thinking about apps in general. As the ecosystem of rich, pluggable, prefab APIs and services proliferates, the cost of developing software applications should correspondingly decrease (at least in some cases). Rather than thinking of applications as enduring, long-term products or services, we’ll start to regard a lot of software as an ephemeral, disposable, on-demand tool. I expect we’ll see more and more of these situational apps in years to come.

Read more about his mash-up, which he made as “a litmus test for the idea of snap-together one-time apps,“ here.


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