Making Something Useful and Usable with Temboo


Temboo can be a great tool for testing out your ideas without sinking too much creative effort into figuring out how to access the APIs you need, but it isn’t just a time saver for the development process—it’s also a toolbox full of different ways to build polished, functional apps.  Leon Barrett, the Head of Development at 383, did just that with his cloud-based temperature logger.  His idea—to collect and monitor temperature data with an Arduino Yún—is simple enough, but with a trick from the Temboo library, he was able to put an elegant finish on a useful project that we really enjoyed.

Rather than trying to create something new and revolutionary, Leon chose to change his daily routine in a subtler way: his idea was to take a standard, mundane task and make it a bit easier.  He picked checking the thermostat, and made his goal to move the temperature display from a static wall fixture to his phone—that way, he could check the temperature in a room from anywhere, without ever having to get up from his seat.  To collect the temperature values for his app, Leon used an Arduino Yún with a shield-mounted DHT11 sensor, and attached to it an LED that would indicate whether or not his sketch was running successfully.  He then used Temboo’s Parse CreateObject Choreo to save his data to Parse, a handy platform for building mobile apps.  With Parse, Leon was able to do more than just log and track his data: he created a clean and functional interface that let him easily check the temperature in his room from an app on his phone.


A lot of people have taken advantage of how easy collecting data from sensors becomes with Temboo and Arduino, but we thought it would be nice to highlight the aesthetic possibilities that Temboo creates alongside the technical ones.  You can check out more of Leon’s temperature logger, and also see some of his other projects, at the 383 website.  As always, if you’re working on something with Temboo that you’re willing to share, we’d love to hear about it—email us at, and let us know what you’re up to!

Security Update on Heartbleed Bug

This week the Heartbleed security bug in the OpenSSL software library that is widely used across the web has made big news. We immediately took action. As of yesterday afternoon all of Temboo’s sites and internal systems have been updated, and our SSL keys and certificates changed accordingly to fix this bug. 

There is no evidence that any Temboo account information or data was compromised. However, since attacks exploiting this bug could be untraceable, we recommend updating your Temboo account, app, and credential information. You can change your password, reset Temboo Credentials, and regenerate Application Keys by going here on our website. 

We treat data security with the utmost importance here at Temboo. If you have any questions or concerns about any of these issues, email us anytime at  

Thank you,
Team Temboo

Temboo Any Way You Like

Now you can get up and running with Temboo faster than ever with our new getting started pages. They are packed with tutorials that will get you calling Choreos however you like – in iOS, Java, Node.js, PHP, Processing, Python, Ruby, or with our Choreo editor Twyla. Android SDK and REST API tutorials are coming soon.

Check out our new language pages in our redesigned Library.

Program Hardware Without Coding: Temboo’s New Sketch Builder


Now you can visually generate complete Arduino Yún sketches inside the Temboo Library that link physical sensors and Choreos together. Set up your device to do things like send emails, record data to Google spreadsheets, and write to MySQL databases based on temperature, light, motion and other types of sensor readings.

It’s another step toward our goal of simplifying hardware programming and enabling connected devices to easily interact with web services.  Watch our video demo, and explore the Sketch Builder.

Win an Arduino Yún!


We’re running a contest with Nexmo for the best project that uses Temboo’s Nexmo Choreos. (We got inspired after our previous blog post.) You can find all the contest details here. The winner will get a Yún and other good stuff from Nexmo and Temboo. Get coding!

Control an Arduino Yún with Your Phone: Using Temboo & the Nexmo API

Ever wish you could use your phone to control your Arduino Yún? We’ve just come up with a really cool way to do it without using a smartphone app or even sending a text message. Instead, your Yún calls you and lets you control it just by typing in a number on your keypad.

Check out this video demo to see this in action.

What’s happening here is that whenever the photocell detects a significant change in light, the Arduino Yún calls a Choreo for the Nexmo API, which calls your phone with a voice message. The Nexmo API then posts the numbers entered on the keypad to a callback URL, and the Choreo is able to send this data back to the Yún, which will react to the number dialed. The Temboo platform makes writing the Arduino sketch and setting up the callback URL very easy.

Just imagine all the cool things you could make your Yún do based on this set up. Actually, don’t just imagine–give it a try yourself!  The Arduino section of our website has a new tutorial for this Nexmo Choreo, and we’ve posted all the code to GitHub. If you still have questions or just want some help with your project, get in touch with us anytime at We’d love to help!

Arduino Yún with LEDs and photocell

Beyond M2M: Connecting Devices, Apps, Arduinos, and More


With Temboo it’s easy to set up a connected network of devices thanks to our Amazon SQS Choreos. Using this Simple Queue Service you can create mobile apps to send commands to an Arduino Yún, build your own dashboard on a computer to monitor a network of devices, and scale up as necessary with the simple, robust communication that SQS provides. Getting Arduinos to talk to each other privately or send and receive data according to your demands is easier than ever. Get started by checking out our newest Arduino tutorial that explains how to get set up with Amazon SQS. 

Happy Halloween from TemBOO!!!

Happy Halloween from TemBOO!!!

More Choreos for IoT projects, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+

Check out these newest additions to our Library released today. 

IoT Choreos
We’ve created Choreos that work great for your Internet of Things projects by retrieving data from Facebook, Foursquare, GMail, and other APIs. 

We’ve expanded coverage of the Twitter API by adding support for Favorites, Friends And Followers, Lists, Trends, Tweets and more.

Have fun with new Choreos for liking photos, searching for users, and following your friends.

A new bundle of six Choreos with support for the Domains API is now at your service. 

For the full list of updates, you can check out our Change Log.

We had a great time last weekend showing off the Yún with Arduino at Maker Faire NYC!